Export Packing

When you’re shipping goods or products to another country there are a number of considerations.

First and foremost, it must arrive safely and in good condition, which means that the export packing has to be fit for purpose.

At Shannon Timber Products Ltd, we have a long history of expertise in export packing solutions so that you can have complete and total peace of mind that your precious cargo will arrive at its destination in exactly the same condition as it leaves you.

You have two options:

  1. we can come to you and complete the export packing service on your site; or
  2. you can bring the equipment to us for in-house packing.

Either way, you’ll always been given the the opportunity to inspect the project before it’s sealed and exported, giving you complete peace of mind.

Shannon Timber Products Ltd provides an extensive range of export services to facilitate the shipping of large, awkward or delicate items anywhere in the world. From complete company relocation to individual crates for your overseas customers. Whether it’s air, sea or road freight, our experienced staff can advise you on your packing requirements.

Please see below for possible options:

  • Crates
  • Packing cases
  • Heavy duty bespoke pallets

With the following optional accessories

  • Moisture barrier vacuum packing
  • Heat shrink wrap plastic
  • Foam shock absorbers
  • Foam lining 25mm or 50mm
  • Custom made foam inserts
  • Desiccant
  • Shock watch
  • Tilt watch
  • Application of stencils, logo etc. on crates/cases


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